What MicroJob would Maarten Visser offer on MicroJobs?


Hugo, caught up with Maarten Visser from Meetroo at the European Collaboration Summit.  They had a quick chat about MicroJobs (launching real soon).

Here’s the transcript if you prefer to read.

hugo: [00:00:01] Okay so here we are with Maarten Visser. Maarten for those of you who don’t know him. He’s been doing quite a lot for the community especially well for the Collab365 community and then move widely for the SharePoint community. And Martin do you want to talk a little bit about yourself and tell us about what you doing and so.

Maarten: [00:00:20] Sure. I’m running a Sharepoint ISV which is mainly focused on one product which is called Entree. The goal that we have is giving more people easy access to all the data on Office 365. So we run an application inside of SharePoint Online and a core purpose is easy access to your data and discoverability of data. That’s what we want to improve.

hugo: [00:00:44] Fantastic.

Maarten: [00:00:45] We designed the UI based on the mobile operating system so that everybody who sees it directly understands it and has a more easy way to find documents, get training documents, get manuals launch application. So it’s it’s the ultimate launch path, the ultimate way to discover and find data. That’s what we do.

hugo: [00:01:07] So you’re quite active on the internet you doing it you’re now doing a series of videos one a day and you managed to keep that commitment so far?

Maarten: [00:01:16] Almost! So early this year I started with weekly videos. That was doable I think I skipped one or two weeks throughout the year. I started doing daily videos on like two weekends ago. And I managed to do so until last weekend between the two SharePoint conferences Las Vegas and this conference. I was home for two days. I spend all the time with my family and didn’t record any videos.

hugo: [00:01:45] Right. Well that sounds like a good excuse!

Maarten: [00:01:48] It’s a good excuse to have a good excuse for me to do so and I was not willing to walk away. So yeah good excuse.

hugo: [00:01:59] So as you have heard already doing launching this new service called MicroJobs as part of the Collab365 Community. We’re hopefully going live by the end of June. We are just doing the final touches wit your integration with Escrow providers. What I wanted to know from you. What’s your view of MicroJobs? Do you think it’s a good idea? If so, why?

Maarten: [00:02:25] Yeah. So it’s a good idea for sure. There are specific Tasks where there’s like no reason to hire somebody traditionally, like a longer contract for four weeks or months. There are certain tasks that you just want to get done quickly and that could be like less than a day or a couple days work. So, I really think that there’s an interesting opportunity here especially since you guys are focused around specific markets which of course is a SharePoint and Office 365. There’s there’s a lot of new things happening there. So yes for sure the answer is yes.

hugo: [00:03:05] So our space is mainly all around something like Office 365 and Azure. It’s such a fast moving market really so and that’s exactly the market we’re trying to target.

Maarten: [00:03:18] So, if you were to think of yourself and someone that can offer services – what kind of service do you see yourself offering? What kind of MicroJobs do you see yourself offering? And, from the other side of the coin what kind of service would you see yourself buying for instance.

Maarten: [00:03:32] Yeah, so myself us offering services will be limited do while my time constraints us as a person in an ISV.

hugo: [00:03:41] Let’s talk about an ideal world you would have. I just want to come up an idea to people like services that they can provide. Let’s assume you had time to do it. What kind of services would you see yourself providing?

Maarten: [00:03:54] Well a marketing service, so I could for example (and that’s one of the things I discussed with Mark previously), is that marketing services like content creation could actually be an interesting surface for people that maybe don’t like Microsoft partners that don’t have a large marketing department or creative blogger or video creators. There are people who like to do so that will be an interesting thing to put on a MicroJob. For example, I will write a blog for you or I will record a video for you. This kind of stuff could be something that I could do otherwise. Something that that might also be interesting is .. I like creating new ideas. I have my moments of creativity.

hugo: [00:04:47] So, so good and others bad I am assuming?

Maarten: [00:04:50] Yes. So actually there would be one MicroJob that I could put on the platform which is I love solving like a complex kinda question. Like, how are we going to go from a to b. Or how do we how would we do that?

Maarten: [00:05:05] And then I could provide a very upfront out-of-the-box answer.

hugo: [00:05:10] For someone starting a new project – especially with some of the technologies to work with around SharePoint – and have a specific problem that you would like to resolve. And just almost as a kick off call. Just a quick story just going to have a quick word with you. How do you see is approaching this project. What would be the best way of starting this kind of thing?

Maarten: [00:05:29] For example what I’ve been doing SharePoint for almost 20 years, so I’ve seen I’ve made all the mistakes and I;ve walked all the pitfalls. And I could I could easily point them out for example. But also where with regarding business apps and creating a business application. There are a lot of bad ideas and there are also good ideas and helping decide if this is a good idea. I could pretty quickly tell you why something might be a good or bad idea.

hugo: [00:05:59] That sounds fantastic! Well I think I think that it really just wanted to get a good overview from you. What do you think about MicroJobs. Great to talk to you and thanks!


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