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I’ve launched my site this week and feel like it’s almost ready for launch date:

Let me know your thoughts and any feedback (be honest) would be greatly appreciated. -especially the load speed.


Looks nice,


Contact Page
This will law enforcement, attorneys, and people of the internet can send in reports to the correct email and physical address. This will also help if you have security issues so people can responsibly report them to you through email.

Network Page
This should give a good description of your network and data centers being used along with a page that users can use to test their response times.

I would recommend the following email addresses if you do not already have them: – for law enforcement, attorneys, content owners to submit AUP/TOS/Legal violations – for security researchers to submit security issues or misconfigurations – for sales inquires from other people or corporations – for your customers to get support when your website is unreachable – for sending out emails that should not be replied too (if you do not have piped into your ticket system for example) – for sending out automated emails from your monitoring systems


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