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Home Web Host ShineServers.Com – Fully Managed QuadCore Starts $135/m cPanel/WHM Included

ShineServers.Com – Fully Managed QuadCore Starts $135/m cPanel/WHM Included

ShineServers.Com – Fully Managed QuadCore Starts $135/m cPanel/WHM Included | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. * ShineServers.Com – Fully Managed QuadCore Starts $135/m cPanel/WHM Included

    Shine Servers LLP is a privately held professional Indian based web hosting company founded in 2010. Shine Servers offers the most comprehensive range of secure, fully protected and private web hosting services in the world. All Shared and VPS servers are located at SmartDC Datacenter in Netherlands. All equipments including servers of Shine Servers LLP are placed in a private corridor inside the SmartDC. Our network consists of the best connections like AMS-IX, DECIX, L-INX, Tinet, NTT, Telia and Level3. Shine Servers manages her own global IPv4/IPv6 network (AS202905). This premium network consists of multiple big and small transit providers and is linked to the biggest Internet Exchanges in Europe. This mix of different providers and Internet Exchanges guarantees maximal performance. Low Latency and availability are the essence of the Shine Servers Premium Network. We understand that every minute down is a minute too much.

    Simple. Solid. Superior. Why have your servers anywhere else?

    All Dedicated Servers include cPanel/WHM for total control over your server.

    Same Day Setup!: Get your server setup same day or at the earliest!
    That means we’ll setup your server same day for free of cost!
    Free Migration! : We will move all your stuffs from your old host for free without any cost .
    We give you the freedom and ease to get hosted with us . We will transfer eveything from your old host to Us without any cost .

    and now to really warm things up:

    About The Company :

    Legal Company Name : Shine Servers LLP
    Registered in India & New Delhi
    Company Registration Number: AAB-1838
    IN VAT Registration Number: ACFFS5985D

    Shine Servers is now offering the following, aggressively priced, server configurations to the this community! There has never been a better time to check out Shine Servers.

    Still aren’t sure? Ok let me try to convince again :

    » LAMP Installation
    » Help with any type of script installation.
    » 24/7/365 Helpdesk
    » Average helpdesk response well under 20 minutes in most of the times!
    » Software and Security Updates, sleep soundly knowing Shine Servers is watching your server!
    » Server Hardening
    » Free Transfer Assistance! Free migrations from not only Cpanel, but Plesk, DirectAdmin, Ensim, H-Sphere and more!

    Not only is that incentive, we’ll help you move! In most cases, we’ll do all the work! Just contact us for details!

    While the previous specials work on all servers, here are some choice configurations to consider:

    Fully-Managed Dedicated Servers

    Xeon Quadcore X3430 (4×2.40Ghz) For $135 USD/m
    2 X 1000 GB SATAII
    35 TB Bandwidth
    1000Mbps Dedicated Port
    1 Dedicated IP
    cPanel/WHM Included
    Activation Time: 5 – 12 Hours (Weekends Exception)

    Click to order now

    Xeon Quadcore E3 – 1230 (4×3.20Ghz) For $175 USD/m
    480 GB SSD (Intel or Kingston)
    35TB Bandwidth
    1000Mbps Dedicated Port
    2 Dedicated IP
    cPanel/WHM Included
    Activation Time: 5 – 12 Hours (Weekends Exception)

    Click to order now

    Additional IP address (Per IP) $ 3.59 USD
    Free remote hands (Reboots, hardware related issues) $ 0 USD
    Remote hands (Software, or anything else non hardware related) per 15 minutes $ 25 USD

    Don’t see a plan that will fit your needs? Don’t worry!
    We can offer you a customised server to match your needs.
    Contact us with your requirements and we will send a quote within 12 hours!
    It’s that easy!

    Contact us

    Not sure which configuration is best for your needs? We can help!

    Convinced? time to reach us:
    Email Us :
    Directly contact via contact form :
    Website :
    www.shineservers.com || www.shineservers.in

    Bharat Vashist
    ShineServers.Com Premium Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers | New: Pure SSD RAID-10 Fully Managed Shared Hosting
    Follow us on Twitter: @ShineServers | Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/ShineServers
    sales @ shineservers.com | call us: 011-41861717

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