SE-Radio Episode 337: Ben Sigelman on Distributed Tracing : Software Engineering Radio


Ben Sigelman CEO of LightStep and co-author of the OpenTracing standard discusses distributed tracing, a form of event-driven observability useful in debugging distributed systems, understanding latency outlyers, and delivering “white box” analytics.  Host Robert Blumen spoke with Sigelman about the basics of tracing, why it is harder in a distributed system, the concept of tracing context, how context is propagated, how trace data is collected, interoperability in a polyglot environment, two approaches to collection: instrumentation versus injection, the architecture of a tracing back end, what type of databases are used, querying the back end database, typical queries that a human user would run, other systems that query the back end, integration with monitoring and alerting, distributed tracing as a source of analytics for business insights, and adoption of distributed tracing in a software organization.

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Tags: analytics, debugging, distributed systems, logging, monitoring


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