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Hello folks!

I am looking for a dedicated server where I could either install my own OS or Winows Server 2003 would be an instant option because my application, which I want to run on server constantly crashes with newer version, and while testing on WS2003 everything was smooth and good.


At least 250 GB SSD, or at least 15k RPM HDD

Optional (for reasonable price) 500 gb or 1 TB hdd.

At least from 250 to 1 gbit dedicated port with unmetered traffic

At least 16 GB ram, but preferably 32.

Preferably Xeon with 4c/8t

If Windows Server 2003 is not an option then KVM over IP.

DDoS Protection is huge ++++++.

EU EU EU EU and only EU

Preferably up to 60eur/month.

Is it even possible to find something like that? offers quite stuff I need for about 40 – 50 eur/month, but not sure about their quality and possibility to install my own OS into the machine.


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