c# – VS2015: DataGridView performing strange sorting activity


I have two columns in a DataTable that I load into a DataGridView (“DGV”), and the two ColumnNames in the DGV are “C” and “c” — which are visible. Within a data matrix I use to fill the DGV, the values of columns “C” and “c” in the 1st row are 48 and 0. However, the DGV shows 48 and 48 instead of 48 and 0. In addition, when I sort one of the columns (either “C” or “c”) there appears either a “” or “/” in both columns after the sort.

So the question is: Why is the DGV filling duplicate values of the “C” column into the “c” column when the data values are different between the original data matrix used for filling the DGV? Also, both columns are sorted the same time, indicating that the DGV thinks the “C” column should be filled with DGV values in “c” column, and that they are the same column.

How can this strange phenomenon be turned off for the DGV? It’s an upper case vs. lower case issue, for which the DGV is thinking on its own — but I don’t want it to think.


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