c# – Visual Studio Angular 5 SPA template publishing in development mode?


I’ve built a very small and simple application using the VS 2017 Angular CLI SPA template. However, after publishing the site to a shared host, the console output indicates that its still running in development mode. Comparing the size of the project between production and the published app, the published app is definitely smaller (by a factor of three), which suggests that it is being published for production. Is this console message erroneous, or am I missing something? The documentation from Microsoft says that it builds for production by default when publishing, so I’m at a loss for what to do, if indeed I have to do anything.

As a side note, the app is coming out to 5mb+. This seems enormous for what it is. Is this typical of an angular application? 3.5mb of it are in the vendor bundle.

Thank you kindly in advance.


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