c++ – How can I open .cpp file in visual studio and make it display string literals with Cyrillic characters correctly?


I’m trying to open source file with C++ code from another person. While writing the code he used older version of visual studio then I have right now.
Cyrillic letters are distorted.

Stupidly confusing part of it is encoding problem. When I open .cpp file with any program, that can read text except for notepad++ English characters are displayed perfectly, but Cyrillic are distorted. Notepad++ shows that it opens that file in ANSI encoding. If I copy that correctly displayed text from notepad++ to other program (visual studio, standard windows notepad, google translator in browser, some online encoding converter) it becomes distorted again as if it was copying bytes instead of characters (this one blows my mind most of all).
Since .cpp file is basically just text file, I don’t understand why can’t I read it. And if it was damaged file – notepad++ wouldn’t read it. Or at least it would show some error message, wouldn’t it?

Here is how visual studio displays it:

cout << "����� ����� � ������� 100-999";
cout << "n�������� 2 (��i� ����� �� � �� ������� �����) = " << d;
cout << "n�������� 3 (��i� ����� �� �� �� ��������� ����) = " << f << "n";

Here is correct code:

cout << "серед чисел в діапазоні 100-999";
cout << "nзавдання 2 (усіх чисел де є дві однакові цифри) = " << d;
cout << "nзавдання 3 (усіх чисел де не має однакових цифр) = " << f << "n";

P.S. I know that questions about encoding were asked already billion times, but I didn’t find proper answer, so please don’t hit me too hard if it was answered before. Thanks in advance.


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