arduino uno – DHT11 Sensor : Stand-by or Shut down?


I have an ATmega328P monitoring room temperature and humidity. It is enough for me to monitor every 8 seconds. In these 8 seconds, I am putting my Atmega to sleep.

Now , I want to know : Does shutting down the DHT11 for these 8 seconds affect the performance of the sensor in any way or is it advisable to keep it running (stand by) for these 8 seconds ?

[Shutting down means connecting the Vcc of the sensor to GND by means of digitalWrite(Sensor_pin,LOW);]

Also , (The below question is applicable only if your answer to the above question is to keep it in Stand-by) :-

I want to modify the above project such that Temp & Humidity is measured as and when only an input button is pressed.
In this case too, should I keep the DHT11 running?

Is a running DHT11 sensor more accurate than a instantly powered on DHT11 ?

[And in case you are speculating , yeah,I want to save the 50 micro-amps Standby current of the sensor.(but of course without sacrificing accuracy of the sensor)]


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